Background In 2004, while completing a college internship with a small software start-up company, I was tasked with creating and managing a basic online advertising program. Not knowing much of anything about online advertising I turned to (where else) to search for some ideas. Fifteen years later I still believe what I first discovered then, namely that there is no substitute in the digital marketing space for a thoughtfully designed, well-tuned, and carefully executed Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program. While I’ve since expanded my experience into so much more than just SEM, I still consider Search to be the foundation upon which any successful integrated digital marketing campaign is built.

Career Since those early adventures with self-taught PPC, I’ve expanded my expertise into all things paid digital media. I worked as an SEM product manager with an agency that at one time managed more Google Ads spend than any other, SEM at massive scale. I’ve served as an in-house marketer, always focusing on doing more with less, where I learned quickly that optimization must be relentless to be effective. I’ve led teams of talented marketers in the design and execution of fully integrated digital marketing efforts that incorporate elements of SEM, Paid Social, Display, brokered placements and more.

Today I focus on helping companies design and execute targeted paid media campaigns that drive measurable results. With deep experience in a wide range of industries, including education, healthcare, and retail e-commerce I understand and have experienced directly that there are no one-size fits all approaches when it comes to developing an advertising strategy and choosing a media mix. I help clients define and implement marketing strategies that meet goals, from initial advising all the way through to day-to-day tactical execution.

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